Ionie is a rare blend of bold and vulnerable, spinning a wry, honest soul-pop while drawing on her roots in jazz and rock.

“Reminiscent of Adele or Selah Sue...Ionie has an ability to cut between strong, sultry soul and quiet introspective moments within the same song, lending her music presence and drama. Ionie has that ephemeral ‘stuff ‘, the heart and soul that makes an artist entertaining and relatable.”
— Kelly Koenig,

The title of ionie’s forthcoming album, IMHO, says it all. Ionie’s tell-all, no B.S. approach to life plays out in every one of her soulful, pop hook-driven songs. A “recovering New Yorker,” ionie moved back to her home state of California after 9 years in New York, and now lives in LA. Though you can’t tell by looking at her, ionie’s childhood was steeped in Mexican culture, her mom hailing from Mexico City. Though her childhood home was always filled with music and art, ionie took refuge in songwriting during the darker days of her father’s addiction. Today she continues to take and make her daily dose of music as medicine.

“Thank you. My faith in music has been restored.”
— Pacino Bing, Founder of Factory Floor


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"ionie — who, like Beyoncé, goes just by her first name — has one of those haunting, Fiona Apple-like voices that you could hear just once and never forget."


According to Ionie...
"'Give Me Your Eyes' is about that one look that can say everything--or nothing at all. We all know what that's like, when you say goodbye to someone for the night--or the morning--and all you want is for them to look over their shoulder at you and smile. The song is about that limbo, that place of uncertainty, when you're getting to know someone more intimately but you have no clue where you stand with them. You're caught up in a whirlwind of emotions but you're afraid to expose yourself because you could lose everything. My life is just a constant series of moments like this, but I try to embrace it. Otherwise, it'd drive me crazy...

Video premiere: "Give Me Your Eyes" by Ionie – Big Takeover

We were captivated by this jazz-inflected number, from San Francisco-born, New York City-based singer/songwriter Ionie, taken from her self-titled debut, released in April of this year.

Cinematic in just two long shots, the video for “Give Me Your Eyes” tracks the highs and lows of two lovers on a hot evening in NYC’s Lower East Side. The piano-driven ballad exposes that moment when a look can say everything—or nothing at all. The video features screen and stage actor, model, and musician Matt Addison as Ionie’s ambiguous love interest.

Fresh Face: Ionie a splash at Rockwood Music Hall –

"Reminiscent of Adele or Selah Sue...Ionie has a an ability to cut between strong, sultry soul and quiet introspective moments within the same song, lending her music presence and drama. Ionie has that ephemeral 'stuff ', the heart and soul that makes an artist entertaining and relatable."

Faith in Music Restored – Pacino Bing, Founder of Factory Floor

"I've told myself for over 20 years that preparation and timing is everything. I can honestly say that if I ever doubted that belief I would only need to listen to Ionie to solidify what I already know. Thank you. My faith in music has been restored."


New York based Ionie released her self-titled debut album back in April. On initial investigation, it’s a pretty mixed bag. That might be a deliberate ploy to show off her varied talents or it might be that Ionie has yet to absolutely find the style she’s most comfortable with. ‘Give Me Your Eyes’ is undoubtedly a stand-out track.
Give it a shot. Give it your eyes. I don’t think it’ll disappoint...

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With a combination of jazz, pop, and soul, Ionie makes a heck of a first impression with her debut single, "Give Me Your Eyes"... You should definitely give Ionie your eyes, and ears, for this one... READ MORE

INTERVIEW: IONIE – Vents Magazine

Hi IONIE, welcome to VENTS! ...

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨Give Me Your Eyes¨?

We set out to make an unconventional music video that mirrored the narrative writing style I tend to use in my songwriting. It’s meant to feel vulnerable the way characters in a movie do (props to my director Erica Rose for that execution). It’s only two long shots, so it’s not like a regular music video that cuts to a new shot every 2 seconds, and you get to watch the characters’ experience in real time because of it...   READ MORE