“Reminiscent of Adele or Selah Sue...Ionie has an ability to cut between strong, sultry soul and quiet introspective moments within the same song, lending her music presence and drama. Ionie has that ephemeral ‘stuff ‘, the heart and soul that makes an artist entertaining and relatable.”
— Kelly Koenig, Examiner.com

The title of ionie’s forthcoming album, IMHO, says it all. Ionie’s tell-all, no B.S. approach to life plays out in every one of her soulful, pop hook-driven songs. A “recovering New Yorker,” ionie moved back to her home state after 9 years in New York, and now lives in LA. Though you can’t tell by looking at her, ionie’s childhood was steeped in Mexican culture, her mom hailing from Mexico City. Though her childhood home was always filled with music and art, ionie took refuge in songwriting during the darker days of her father’s addiction. Today she continues to take and make her daily dose of music as medicine.

“Thank you. My faith in music has been restored.”
— Pacino Bing, Founder of Factory Floor