“Reminiscent of Adele or Selah Sue...Ionie has an ability to cut between strong, sultry soul and quiet introspective moments within the same song, lending her music presence and drama. Ionie has that ephemeral ‘stuff ‘, the heart and soul that makes an artist entertaining and relatable.”
— Kelly Koenig, Examiner.com

A rare blend of bold and vulnerable, Ionie spins a wry, honest pop while drawing on her roots in soul, jazz, and rock.

Ionie grew up fast under two roofs in San Francisco. Her father, an amateur jazz musician, was addicted to opiates for most of his life. Her mother, a dancer and art historian from Mexico City, together with her stepfather, provided a stark contrast. Despite the conflict, both homes fostered a creative environment for Ionie, who began singing at the age of 6. 

When Ionie was 13 she walked out of her father's life. "I was tired of pretending things were ok. I asked him not to contact me until he got his shit together--we didn't talk for a year."

“Thank you. My faith in music has been restored.”
— Pacino Bing, Founder of Factory Floor

Music became her outlet. In high school, Ionie took a songwriting and production course where she wrote and recorded her first song, "Everything's Making Me Cry," a title she now chuckles at. 

Ionie moved to New York at 17 to study music at NYU. Her debut album (April 2015) explores her struggle with love, identity, time and transformation through an intimate collection of original songs.